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Everyone needs elastic when making cloth diapers!


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Lastin Clear Elastic
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Why Choose Lastin™ “The Quality Clear Elastic”?

Lastin™ is the industry standard in clear elastic. Lastin™ is made with
the highest quality standards to ensure that it retains its transparent
qualities and its stretch memory.
Other Advantages-
Retains Transparent Qualities- Unlike cheap imitation elastics, Lastin™
will not yellow at an accelerated rate when xposed to sunlight.
--Soft- Soft to the touch yet firm properties, will not chafe your skin.
--No More Color Matching- Clear Lastin™ is invisible on all colors! Lastin™
will save you money.
--Faster Production- Smooth edges make Lastin™ easier to sew into garments,
saving time and money.
--Proven resistance- Proven against seawater, oil, urine, light acids,
perspiration, cosmetics, and general solvents. Lastin™ is ideal for
sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, infant wear, cloth diapers,and bed sheets.
--Serious Stretching Power- 4 to 5 times the stretch of rubber elastic.
Excellent fabric memory, over 300% stretch.
--Retains Stretch Integrity in all Weather Conditions- Lastin™ retains its
ability to perform under extreme hot and cold temperatures.
--Will Not Tear- Can be stitched without tearing. Lastin™ will not wear out,
and will last for the life of the garment.



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Matte 1 Inch Fold Over Elastic (FOE)
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If you are making diapers or covers this is the ideal elastic to use around the legs and waist. This matte finish elastic folds in half to make a stretchable binding. This is especially important for babies with chubby legs, it leaves no red marks! Sew while stretching the elastic to gather gently at the legs or waist, or just sew without stretching to use as a binding around the edges that has a nice give to it.

Fold over elastic is great for use other than diapers too! You can use it anywhere you would use bias tape, and FOE is especially wonderful for use around necklines when sewing knit fabrics.




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Stretchrite Polybraid Elastic
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For those who like white polybraid elastic, stretchrite is the longest lasting and most durable brand Ive ever used. Stretchrite elastic is awesome for use in diapers! It lasts through the many washings, and constant wetness that diapers go through. Its very easy to sew with, you can use it for all of your elastic needs, not just for diapers :)

In white only.

Available in 1/4 , 3/8 ,and 3/4 inch non roll sizes.


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